Albert Mathier All

When the world economy was in crisis, the family tried to defy the recession by mowing fields and meadows and planting vines. With their press, they laid the foundation for their wine history and that of the red wine metropolis of Salgesch.

The Albert Mathier & Fils winery is a small family business that has been dedicated to the tastes of its wine lovers for 75 years. In all these years, an experience has been accumulated and a tradition has been built. Today, there is a complete infrastructure to welcome customers: Alwin and Martin look after the wines, Peter takes care of the deliveries and Amédée runs the business. With his knowledge, the family works their own 30 hectares of vineyards: the Albert Mathier family owns more than 300,000 vines. They take care of the wine completely, from the vineyard to the bottling and delivery of the wine.

The family supports its own production. Each of the house wines has its own personal touch. Erich and Alfred always say that:

"Wine is part of the personality, wine is the 17"