Delea All

Ticino in particular, with its mild microclimate and fertile soils, allows us to produce a wine of the highest quality with its best fruit. Over the years, Vini & Distillati Delea has been able to evolve while maintaining a very high level of quality, as evidenced by numerous awards and recognitions. Today, it presents itself as an innovative and spectacular company with a team of over 40 employees.
To produce fine wines such as Diamante, Merlot Carato, Carato Riserva, Carato Bianco, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Apocalisse, Chiar di Luna and sparkling Charme, Charme Rosè and Noir, it takes 20 hectares of cultivated vineyards and around 200 winegrowers to ensure a production of 600,000 bottles per year. The aim is to provide an exciting, unique and captivating experience with every sip.
The familiarity of the Delea winery and the constant presence of Angelo, David and Cesare also made it possible to arrange guided tours directly into the production facility, which includes the winery, the Wine Museum, the Distillery and the Acetaia.