Cantina di Losone (Losone's Cellar)

The cellar's structure, with its big arches and soft lighting, alows the wine to rest better and is perfused with the amazing smell of must. The "Antica Cantina" in Losone is unique environment, planned in every detail: 8 meters underground with 2 meters high arches, that provide an ideal room temperature (13-14 degrees) and a constant level of humidity throughout the year: the ideal conditions for the wine aging in barriques.

The following packages can be reserved at our celalr in Losone:

  • Guided tour at the Delea winery (at least 6 people), which includes: the wine cellar, the Barricaia, the Museum, the vinegar factory for the production of 'Aceto Balsamico and the new distillery, for a total time of about 2 hours.
  • Special Visit, customized to your needs. It is also possible to dine at the Bottega del Vino Restaurant in Locarno.
  • Book now your tour and tasting at our Company.

Bottega del Vino Enoteca in Ascona  (Ascona's winery)

At the Ascona's winery find a wide range of different proposals and, most important, accurate and expert advices on how to pair every wine to every dish and course. A whole, delightful universe is waiting for you at this Bottega del Vino, and if you just can't resist don't worry:  you can buy some bottles of amazing wine, and bring home a little piece of our passion and our heart.

Bottega del Vino in Locarno The Winery Restaurant, Wine Bar & Guesthouse -

The Bottega del Vino in Locarno, with its original and cozy furniture, will immediatly make you feel at home. At this restaurant we strive to enhance and maintain the great tradition of high quality food and high quality wines: besides the wide range of wine, the excellent grape spirit (grappa) and the superb vinegar, you will have the opportunity to taste astonishing dishes.

Fattoria l'Amorosa (Lovely Farm) -

Entering Fattoria Amorosa is like entering a dream: on a little hill and surrounded by olives tree and a big vineyard, the Amorosa offers a stunning view, fine wines from Delea, and delightful dishes inspired by the best tradition.
In addition to that, you can further enjoy our agritourism and stay for the night, as the Fattoria Amorosa has some nice rooms, well-furnished and comfortable.

The Vineyard

Thousands of plants accurately selected, that every year, bless us with their golden and juicy fruits. From those fruits, and Angelo Delea's experience and skills, we are able to produce excellent win, spirits and vinegar. Our production is mainly based on local wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon (white wines), and Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon (red wines).

The Fermentation

To us, fermentation has become more a matter of passion and art than simple mechanical process. We let the wine breathe and rest in the right environment and with the best barrels, in order to obtain the perfect aging. Nonetheless, technology and  innovation, help us bringing you a great high quality product.

"The love of traditions and the right taste for innovation. Our roots, that come from the land, and the constant need for perfection in every product we make. These are the value my father taught me, and, I would like that to stay unchanged over time.” - David Delea