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On September 1, we entered the meteorological Fall, which will end next November 30. Unlike astronomical seasons, meteorological seasons have their beginnings and ends defined on whole quarters, based on climatic averages: thus, meteorological winter begins on December 1 and ends on February 28/29, spring starts on March 1 and ends on May 31, and summer runs from June 1 to August 31.

Officially, astronomical autumn begins instead with the Autumnal Equinox. But what is it and when will it occur this year?

The word "equinox" comes from Latin and means "equal night" (to the day), meaning night should be the same length as day. In the northern hemisphere, the autumnal equinox generally falls on either September 22 or 23, which is when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator (perpendicularly), at the point known as the equinoxes. 

The point of the autumnal equinox is also called the point of Libra because, astrologically speaking, the Sun's entry into Libra, the sign of Equilibrium, occurred, which brings us back to the Latin meaning of the name.

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The Mythological Tradition

In mythological tradition, the event of the equinox has always represented a special time when the forces of light and darkness are in perfect balance. For many cultures the Autumnal Equinox is a day of celebration. In the initiatory tradition, this moment represents a passage, a time for meditation, for turning inward, during which the separation between what is visible and what is invisible thins until it almost disappears.

The symbol

On a symbolic level, what is passed down through the myths is what is cyclically relived every autumn, namely the sacrifice of the god/goddess who, after the loving joys and glories of spring and summer, after having given with maximum fertilizing power the fruits to all living beings, is forced to die to himself, to decline into the darkness of the Earth, understood as the Womb, Uterus. Once again, day and night are in perfect balance, as they were at the Spring Equinox, but soon the nights will grow to be longer than the days, and winter will again be among us.

During the French Revolution, from 1793 to 1805, this day became the First of the Year and in Japan it is still a holiday dedicated to ancestors and family. (Source: 3bmeteo)

The equinox in our time

In our latitudes the autumnal equinox corresponds to the grape harvest, followed by the period of distillation, where in the past people spent patient, days and nights, in the warm rooms of the stills in the company of friends and passers-by, tasting wine and eating the first mountain pasture cheeses melted in the flame of the wood-burning still furnace or fireplace. This almost surreal figure has been replaced in our times by a modern image of stainless steel and copper boilers operated by computers and electronics. Certainly a less romantic and passionate image but still fascinating nonetheless, because it is linked to an ancient alchemy that has its roots in the mists of time, the art of distillation.

 Equinox in our day

Delea winery's activities at this time of year.

In Losone, the first pomace is ready, gently squeezed from the wine, waiting for the moment to be able to give the essence they still imprison.

Delea wineries activities

And so fire to the boilers and may the warmth of the elixir that emanates from them warm us from the cold of winter.

In the cellar we prepare to distill the first marc, those of the early American grape followed by the marc of white grapes, those of merlot and lastly those of the late American grape. It is a special time of smells and scents that evoke ancient customs and passions. A time of change and reflection.

From the still flows a crystal-clear liquid with intense scents of flowers and acacia honey that make these warm days intoxicating and cheerful.


Traditional Grappas selected for you

Carezza d'Autunno

American grape distillate prepared by a special process of fermenting grapes and then meticulously fermented.

The result is a product with a distinct aroma and a smooth, sweet flavor.

Its appearance is crystal clear. Its aroma is smooth, soft and typical, and its taste is delicate, justly alcoholic, with a slight honey persistence in the finish.


Carezza Autunno

Carezza d'Autunno

Grappa Carato

Produced from the pomace of our Carato production. It is a grappa with an aromatic flavor, persistent on the palate with sweet and floral hints.

Crystal clear in appearance, with hints of licorice, the taste is smooth, harmonious and pleasant.


Grappa Chardonnay

Distilled from the pomace of Chardonnay del Ticino, which comes from Delea vineyards in Cavigliano and Quartino. Aged in ash wood barrels.

Grappa with a pleasant aromatic flavor, long persistence, dense on the palate with hints of fruit and wild flowers.

Its appearance is slightly yellowish, given its stay in the barrel. Its aroma is pleasantly aromatic, with hints of candied fruit and sweet wild flowers, and its taste is smooth, harmonious and slightly spicy.


Grappa Chardonnay

Vecchio Rovere

Grappa Vecchio Rovere

Precious distillate of Merlot grape pomace, aged and refined in fine French oak barrels.

Long aging gives this grappa a warm, seductive amber color and a range of delicate, harmonious aromas and scents. A distillate with strong and decisive flavors like a warm handshake, but at the same time gentle and harmonious.




Written by Enrico Grisetti