July 13, 2022 2 min read

A glass of white Merlot? A Ticino gem waiting to be discovered!

To vinify in white the grape variety that in the whole world is considered as the true king of red grape varieties, Merlot, could be considered as a "sacrilege"...
Yet, in the Canton Ticino area, this happens and the results are remarkable!

The idea was born in 1986, when engineer Adriano Petralli had an idea that seemed as bizarre as it was innovative at the time: these were the years when Ticino Merlot was experiencing a crisis; the cellars were full and the quality of the wine did not always match expectations.
As the harvests passed, stocks stored in wineries increased excessively, and the wine sector was faced with a phase of crisis and great fragility.

Therefore, it was necessary to find a solution that would decrease red wine reserves and at the same time quickly market the new production while giving relief to the Wineries.

Thus was born a world first: Merlot vinified in white.

A product that was immediately appreciated both by customers and, consequently, by all the major producers in the Ticino area who thus embarked on this new path.

Within a few years, Merlot vinified in white became a real specialty of the area, and production (as well as sales) increased rapidly. Today, the share of Merlot grapes vinified in white in Canton Ticino reaches more than 30 percent of production.

The Vini & Distillati Angelo Delea produces the well-known Chiar di Luna Bianco di Merlot Ticino DOC, a historic and established label as far back as 1998. 

Chiar Di Luna Merlot Bianco del Ticino

White merlot: the characteristics

A wine that is well suited to the summer season (but not only) and pleasantly accompanies salads, fresh cheeses, vegetable pies and lake fish. It is a delicate, floral and slightly aromatic white wine. A fresh and harmonious nectar, denoted by a not too high acidity, which refreshes and charms the palate. As the years have passed, the Merlot White has now become the true symbol of the Ticinese aperitif.

The Chiar di Luna Bianco di Merlot Ticino DOC is made from Merlot grapes vinified in white with soft crushing and temperature-controlled fermentation. It is characterized by a paper-white color with greenish highlights and a fresh, fruity, intense, fine and floral aroma. It has a dry, savory, intense and persistent flavor with notes of white flowers, lime, white peach and English bonbon.

A well-balanced, rounded wine that is very well suited to be enjoyed throughout a meal, to pleasantly accompany summer salads, breaded whitefish fillets and ratatouille, or even to cheer lighthearted aperitifs in company (a serving temperature of 5°-7°C is recommended).

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