Vecchio Rovere Ticinese Merlot Grape distillate

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  • Vecchio Rovere Ticinese Merlot Grape Distillate Grappa

    Produced with mark of: Merlot

    Vol: 43%

    The Vecchio Rovere Grappa Ticinese from Merlot grape marc by Delea is a real treasure for the senses that embodies years of experience and passion for distillation.
    Refined and aged for 6 years in fine French oak barrels, this grappa made from Ticino Merlot grape has a warm and seductive amber-brown colour.
    With its esteemed complexity of delicate and harmonious aromas of tobacco, cocoa and vanilla, it is strong, decisive and balanced on the palate, perfect to pleasantly close a meal or accompany desserts and sweets.
    A grappa capable of providing a truly pleasant experience.
    The elegant Delea packaging also makes Vecchio Rovere an excellent choice as a gift for friends and family who are passionate about high quality spirits.

  •  Warm and seductive amber color.

     Delicate and harmonious scent.

     Complexity of aromas, strong and decisive flavors. Technical Sheet Download