Grappa of Ticinese Chardonnay

    • Grappa of Ticinese Chardonnay

      Produced from the marc of: Chardonnay

      Vol: 43%

      The Grappa of Ticinese Chardonnay is a distillate of Ticino's Chardonnay marc, which comes from the Delea vineyards in Cavigliano and Quartino. Aged in ash wood barriques.

      Grappa with a pleasant aromatic flavour, long lasting, dense on the palate with hints of fruit and wild flowers.

      Its appearance is slightly yellowish, due to the time spent in barrels. Its aroma is pleasantly aromatic, with hints of candied fruit and sweet wild flowers, and its taste is soft, harmonious and slightly spicy.

    •  Crystal clear appearance.

       Aromatic, with hints of fruit and flowers.

       Soft, pleasantly harmonious.

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