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Wines for Summer Delea

Nature is clothed in radiant colors, the air becomes warm and the atmosphere joyful. As temperatures rise, there are those who prefer to sunbathe on golden beaches cooling themselves with the sea breeze, those who love the fresh air in the mountains perhaps with a few stops at typical Ticino grotti, those who stay in the plains enjoying a few dips in lakes or rivers, and finally those who stay in urban centers and enjoy the beautiful summer evenings on breezy terraces or on some "roof top bar" at the top of a skyscraper.

Whatever the context in which one prefers to enjoy summer, for the followers of God Bacchus, hot weather does not imply giving up the pleasure of enjoying a few good glasses of wine...quite the contrary!
During the warm months, wine and food choices are known to be united by two factors: the search for lightness and the desire to taste a lot of freshness.

In fact, among the most popular dishes are soups served cold, salads prepared with freshly picked seasonal vegetables, fresh cheeses, light meats (especially white meats and fish, but also grilled red meats for example), delicate condiments prepared with a variety of fresh herbs, and preparations with simple cooking (served at lower temperatures than in winter).

How to choose the best wines to sip in this heat?

In general we can note that light wines are preferred, less full-bodied than winter choices and served at lower temperatures.

Sparkling wine is loved for its effervescent freshness that instantly refreshes the palate. The youngest and freshest sparkling wines, especially those produced with the Charmant method present in fact the ideal ally for aperitifs but not only: they can also be enjoyed throughout the meal! If you like to give it a try, try some Charme Spumante Brut Svizzera IGT.

White Wine should be served at a cool temperature but not too cold (otherwise you would lose key characteristics such as fragrance and aromatic complexity).  

The most suitable type of white wine depends on the occasion and the dishes it is to be paired with:

  • with a plate of fresh cheese from the alp, for example, we could enjoy some Chiar di Luna Bianco from Merlot Ticino, a pleasantly light and fragrant wine;
  • with some Ticino sliced meat goes well with Sauvignon Blanc Ticino DOC, a well-structured white wine with a rich and persistent flavor.

In addition to the much coveted white wines and bubbles, one can also enjoy younger, low-tannic and drinkable Red Wines (served at lower temperatures than their more full-bodied 'big brothers') or even Rosé Wines, which are often forgotten: a middle ground between white and red wines. Rosés are ideal allies with many fish dishes, soups and salads. With Mazzara prawn tartare served with an avocado and chive salad, one could, for example, serve Rosa di Luna Rosato del Ticino DOC.
To accompany smoked lake trout served with new potatoes and crispy vegetables, why not uncork a bottle of Rosso di Luna Merlot Ticino DOC perhaps chilled briefly in the refrigerator just before serving? This is a not overly full-bodied, young red wine with very fresh tones.

During summer evenings, when temperatures cool down (perhaps even thanks to a nice summer storm), ideal opportunities to enjoy some fuller-bodied wine also emerge.. With a grilled piglet accompanied by grilled vegetables and polenta, we might pair a bottle of Tiziano Rosso IGT from Italian Switzerland... or, if wine from older vintages is appreciated, why not try some Carato Riserva Merlot Ticino DOC aged in Barrique 2018 or 2019? 

Carato Bianco del Ticino Delea

With grilled chicken or fish, we can instead choose a well-structured barricaded white wine: the Carato Bianco del Ticino DOC is an excellent example.

Love to end the meal with a light and refreshing dessert? The choice is vast, of lemon sorbet with a small glass of Limoncello served with an ice cube, vanilla ice cream washed down with some Cuore di Noce or again, grape sorbet served with Grappa della Vallemaggia.

Do you have a summer meal or special recipes in mind and don't know how to pair wine with meals? Don't hesitate, write us at vini@delea.ch or directly in Live Chat, we will advise you on the best pairings 😊

The choice of the best wines for summer is truly vast, but fortunately, summer is pleasantly long!

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