February 03, 2021 2 min read

TIZIANO, IGT red wine from the Italian part of Switzerland: the inspiration from which this nectar is born comes from the art of ancient times and is reflected in the glass in many ways. TIZIANO, renaissance painter famous for his charismatic chromatic variations, with rapid brush strokes and intense colors, besides being a great artist, was also a skilled entrepreneur: he set up a flourishing workshop that adopted some interesting techniques known today in the world of luxury marketing. One of these was the failure to respect delivery times, which made his works more coveted and valuable.

These are traits that we find in the new TIZIANO, a nectar produced by the Delea Cellars in Losone. The inspiration for this painter is reflected in the choice and combination of three grape varieties with a very persistent character: Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Arinarnoa, a grape variety obtained in 1956 from the cross between Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon.

"The wine derived is very charged, persistent, warm and elegant with very intense colors, analogous to the charismatic brushstrokes of the great TIZIANO Vecellio"

explains Angelo Delea, an epicurean producer with a rich background in the field of enology as well as a creative entrepreneur. "Merlot grape in Canton Ticino covers 80% of the whole production. However, we also find small quantities of other grape varieties, some of them selected and crossed in order to better adapt to the climatic and territorial characteristics of Ticino's vineyards, such as Arinarnoa, which is an example. To produce these grapes, we had to wait and respect the rhythms of nature. It wasn't until 2016 and then 2018 that we got the right grapes to reflect the character of this wine."

From TIZIANO in pictorial art to TIZIANO in oenological art: anticipation grows and art becomes more coveted and precious. A charismatic wine is born, to be tasted to experience the bewitching poetry it releases.



6'000 75cl bottles, also available in 150cl size.


Stemmer with alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel. Arinarnoa and Petit verdot remained 3 weeks on special plateaux in cool and ventilated rooms for drying. Aging in French oak barriques of 225 liters.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Intense ruby red color with violet reflections.
Bouquet of black fruits, vanilla and noble spices. Intense.
Strong flavor, great aromatic structure, balsamic.


10-15 years

Recommended pairings:

Roasted stuffed pheasant, barbecued ribs.