Vecchio Moscato Ticinese Moscato grape distillate

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  • Vecchio Moscato Ticinese Moscato grape distillate

    Produced from the marc of: Moscato

    Vol: 43%

    Il Vecchio Moscato is a fine distillate made from Moscato grapes, expertly aged for 7 years in French oak barrels at our winery in Losone.

    It will surprise you with its delicate and fruity aromas of dried apricots, candied fruit, sultanas, with sweet notes of vanilla and marzipan, enriched by the varietal and aromatic facets released by the wood during ageing.

    On the palate, it is soft, warm, harmonious, but also strong and assertive, while it has a splendid amber colour.

    The 50cl bottle with the complimentary Delea brand packaging is an excellent gift idea for your loved ones.

    A perfect distillate to accompany your favourite sweets and desserts.

    We are sure it will not disappoint!

  •  Abrato color.

     Notes of dried apricots, candied fruit and raisins, vanilla, blond tobacco.

     Soft, warm, harmonious, strong and decisive. Technical Sheet Download