Grappa Charme

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  • Grappa Charme

    Produced from the marc of: Chardonnay, Pinot Nero e Merlot.

    Vol: 43%

    The Grappa Charme is a grappa obtained from the pomace of the production of Spumante Charme. Distillation is done at Delea winery in a steam operated alembic still.

    Pleasant aromatic flavor, long lasting, dense on the palate with sweet floral and marzipan hints.

    Its aspect is crystal clear, its aroma is pleasantly aromatic, with hints of flowers and marzipan and its taste is smooth, pleasant and harmonious.

  •  Crystal clear appearance.

     Pleasantly aromatic, with hints of flowers and marzipan.

     Soft, pleasant and harmonious. Technical Sheet Download

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