Grappa Ticinese

  • Grappa Ticinese del Castello di Cantone

    Produced from the pomace of: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Sémillon.

    Vol: 43%.

    Grappa Ticinese is a grappa obtained from the pomace whose grapes come from the Mendrisiotto, from the vineyard of Rancate, called Castello di Cantone. It is distilled in the Delea winery in a steam-operated alembic stills.

    It is a grappa with a pleasant aromatic flavour, long lasting on the palate, with hints of fruit and flowers.

    Pale straw yellow in appearance, its aroma is pleasantly aromatic, with hints of fruit, flowers and licorice and its taste is soft, pleasant and harmonious.

    Pale straw yellow colour.

    Pleasantly aromatic, with hints of fruit, flowers and licorice.

    Soft, pleasant and harmonious.

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