Domaine de Ravoire® Rouge

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  • Domaine de Ravoire® rouge

    Grapes:  Diolinoir, Merlot, various Pinot Noir clones

    The Domaine de Ravoire is one of the oldest vineyards in Valais: steep terraces and protective natural stone walls, a vine house and the indigenous Valais grape varieties characterize this unique cultural landscape. Here, grapes are cultivated, cared for and produced on old vines. The organization of the vineyard has been subject to an independent stock corporation since 2006, Domaine de Ravoire AG, half of which is owned by Weinfreunde and half by Albert Mathier & Söhne AG. A unique project in Switzerland in which the shareholders decide on the vines, the vinification, the sale and, last but not least, the taste of their own wines.

  • Purple red.

    Aromas of pepper, clove and liquorice.