Apocalisse Wine White Ticino DOC

  • Apocalisse Bianco Ticino DOC

    Grapes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Noir

    Apocalisse Bianco Ticino DOC originates from the separate vinification of these three varieties of Ticino-grapes.

    Fresh and fragrant wine with aromatic notes typical of these wine varieties. Straw yellow colour with green reflexes, with a fresh floreal fruity perfume, with a scent of exotic fruit and with a dry, sapid taste, intense, mineral and persistent.

    The ideal wine to be savoured with a meal, great with lean appetizers, with cheese quiches or with lake or sea fish.

  •   Straw yellow with green reflexes.

    Fresh, floral, fruity and fragrant, with a scent of exotic fruit.

     Dry, sapid, intense, mineral and persistent.

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