Rosa di Luna, the wine of spring

April 26, 2021 1 min read

Rosa di luna

Rosa di Luna is a multifaceted wine with many facets.

Rosé has always been an aperitif wine or to be enjoyed in summer with fresh, light dishes.

Until a few years ago, rosé was made exclusively from Merlot, resulting in a rosé that was intense both in colour and structure.

The rosé trend has changed considerably in recent years, from a "Cerasuolo" style to a more Provencal style, moving towards much more delicate, fresh and fragrant rosés.

Trend-conscious, we too sought a solution that would satisfy this new taste.

For a number of vintages we have ensured the supply of appropriate grapes for the production of this wine.

We have developed a recipe involving the vinification of three different grape varieties: Merlot, Gamaret and Carminoir.

The result is a delicate yet bold rosé with an elegant colour.


Rosa di Luna, Rosè of Ticino DOC

It is vinified with soft pressing of the grapes, using the first flower of the must fermented at a low temperature.

Bright pink in colour with an intense, fruity aroma of red berries and a delicate, fragrant flavour of raspberries and currants.

Excellent with soups, risottos, fish dishes, shellfish and fresh cheeses.

Bright raspberry pink colour.

Intense and fruity with red berries.

Delicate and fragrant with notes of Raspberries and Ribes.

Rosa di luna mountains