San Carlo Merlot from Locarno

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  • San Carlo Merlot from Locarno Ticino DOC

    Grapes: Merlot


    San Carlo is a red wine made from 100% Merlot grapes grown in the Locarno area on loamy, alluvial soil on the banks of the Melezza and Maggia rivers.

    Ruby red in colour with purple reflections, it is aged for 12/18 months in oak barrels, giving it an intense, complex, fine and elegant aroma of black berries with toasted notes and a typical, full flavour with good aromatic persistence and complexity.

    With 13.5% vol. of alcohol and a longevity of at least 7-8 years, this wine is ideal served at about 18°C, to accompany meat dishes such as Entrecôte Caffe de Paris, an excellent battuta di Fassona or a rib-eye steak with porcini mushrooms, but it also lends itself to pairing with dishes with a stronger flavour based on game, especially feathered animals, such as pigeon or roast pheasant.

    A wine that well represents the land of Locarno: pleasure and quality in the glass!

  • Ruby red with violet hues.

     Intense, complex, fine and elegant.

    Very persistent and fragrant. Good ageing. Aromas of exotic fruits, bergamot, vanilla and coconut. Technical Sheet Download