Blank Angel

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An absolute novelty, a world premiere!

An original Merlot wine from the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, produced exclusively and purely with white grape berries. A lengthy and meticulous work, started ten years ago and strongly desired by the will and intuition of Angelo Delea who, thanks to the precious collaboration with our French vine supplier, studied and found about a hundred seedlings, offering the opportunity to cultivate them over the years in our vineyards. A cross between FOLLE BLANCHE and MERLOT NOIR.

It took about 10 years to develop this ambitious project which, thanks to the enthusiasm and participation of some hoteliers, planted the first seedlings for the MICE project, born and sponsored through the valuable collaboration of TICINO CONVENTION BUREAU. A wine that will soon become popular among the clientele and wine enthusiasts of Ticino. Three years to start cultivating the seedlings and reproducing them with mature cuttings. And so, year after year, we have reached a production of about 4,000 vines which allowed us, during the 2022 harvest, to produce the first 4.000 bottles.

A fine, eclectic, and unique white wine. It is an excellent companion for an aperitif or to pair with Ticino cheeses, vegetable quiches, and white meats.