Rosa di Luna Rosé Ticino DOC

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  • Rosa di Luna Rosé Ticino DOC

    Grapes: Merlot, Gamaret, Carminoir

    Rosa di Luna Rosé Ticino DOC is an authentic delicacy for wine lovers. Produced by the prestigious Delea winery, located in the Locarno area in Ticino, Switzerland, this wine is the result of the winegrowing tradition and attention to the quality of grapes and wines that characterise the winery.
    The production of the Rosa di Luna, which has now become a true symbol of the Delea aperitif, begins with a soft crushing of the Merlot, Gamaret and Carminoir grapes, using the first flower of the must fermented at a low temperature. The three different grape varieties are vinified separately in steel vats at a controlled temperature of around 17°C, to best preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes, and then blended and left on the fine lees.
    The result is a bright pink wine with an intense, fruity aroma of red berries and citrus notes. The delicate, fragrant taste of raspberries and currants is an expression of the Ticino terroir and the winery's winemaking tradition.
    The Rosa di Luna Rosato del Ticino DOC is a versatile wine that goes perfectly with many dishes of the Mediterranean and local Ticino and Swiss cuisine. It is perfect for summer aperitifs, and goes well with soups (such as the French bouillabesse fish soup), risottos, fish dishes, shellfish, such as prawns, oysters or salmon, and fresh cheeses, such as goat's cheese or ricotta. It is also ideal to accompany fresh starters, such as fruit or fresh vegetable salads. It is recommended to be served at a temperature of about 7-8 degrees.
    A wine highly appreciated by our customers for its quality and uniqueness, a real gem for rosé wine lovers.


  • Brilliant pink raspberry colour.

    Intense fruity with red berries.

    Delicate and fragrant notes of raspberries and of redcurrants. Technical Sheet Download