Pirouette Fendant AOC Valais

  • Pirouette Fendant AOC Valais

    Grapes:  Chasselas

    A special kind of white wine. As the name suggests, its enjoyment is reminiscent of a joyful leap in the air with a twist. Elegant, almost weightless, dynamically present. Devoted to enjoyment and joie de vivre. The Pirouette® is our interpretation of the Valais classic Fendant. Valais without Fendant would be like Switzerland without the Matterhorn. There is hardly a happy moment in Valais without a glass of Pirouette® toasting.

  • pale yellow with greenish reflections.

    mineral aroma. Subtle bouquet of green fruits reminiscent of apples and pears.

     the Fendant shows fruit and body. Aromas of citrus fruits give the wine a nice freshness and a certain liveliness.