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  • Lemon based liqueur

    Made with: Lemon Peel

    Vol: 25%

    The Limoncello is a liqueur made from an infusion of pure alcohol and lemon peels from the Amalfi coast.

  • It presents a fresh, citric flavor, but at the same time sweet, balanced and pleasant. The lemon peel aroma is the typical one that characterizes this type of product. It is excellent to end meals, especially those with fish and shellfish, and to accompany desserts and sweets.

  • A delicious traditional liqueur, always pleasant and never dull, great to enjoy in good company!

  • Lemon yellow, homogeneous turbidity.

    Typical scent of lemon peel that characterizes the product.

    Liqueur characterized by the typical aromatic note of lemon peels, sweet, balanced and pleasant. Technical Sheet Download