Salgesch Dôle de Salquenin Rouge AOC

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This red wine is the product of traditional fermentation, meticulously conducted at a controlled temperature to preserve its delicate aromatic nuances and intricate structure. Its highly structured nature is accentuated by a lively acidic note that enlivens the palate, imparting both vivacity and elegance. This well-defined structure makes the wine exceedingly enjoyable to taste, while its digestibility renders it ideal for pairing with a wide array of dishes. Notably, it is hailed as the inaugural and most ancient Valaisan blend, emblematic of a deeply entrenched and esteemed winemaking heritage.

Upon gazing into the glass, one is greeted by a vibrant red hue, infused with violet undertones that hint at the wine's youthful vigor and freshness. The aromatic bouquet is rich and captivating, characterized by prominent notes of dark berries such as blackcurrant and blackberries, harmoniously intermingling with a subtle spiced and lightly earthy framework. With the initial sip, the palate encounters a pleasing acidity that lends equilibrium to the wine, while distinct and intense fruit flavors surface, complemented by robust berry aromatics that linger on the palate, offering an unforgettable sensory journey.