Amphore Blanc

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  • Amphore® blanc

    Grapes:  Ermitage, Rèze

    Fermentation in the earth, in the original Georgian Kvevri (Georgian for amphora). The wall thickness of a Kvevri is only 1.5 cm. Without the counterpressure of the earth, a kvevri cannot hold wine. The capacity of a Kvevri is approx. 1,000 liters. Storage in the specially built Marani (Kvevri cellar). Here, too, the kvevris are buried in the ground. Complete vinification process without sulfur and without filtration. 8000 year old vinification method. The process is protected by Unesco as a world cultural heritage site. (The result is also known as orange or natural wine). Goes well with red meat, mushroom dishes, smoked dishes, oriental cuisine, Asian cuisine, chocolate and cheese. A menu recommendation: eel and foie gras on brioche with lemon balm crème, fried forest mushrooms on tarragon crème fraîche and fried onions. Or: a wonderful saffron soup.

  • orange, amber-colored

    aromas of dried apricots and quince spread in the mouth, but also notes of tobacco.

    complex palate, emphasized with elegant acidity.