Cuore di Noce

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  • Cuore di Noce

    Produced from marc of: Mallow of walnuts, spices and aromas.

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    Welcome to the world of Vini Delea, where for many years we have also been dedicated to the production of high quality and unique liqueurs.
    We are proud to present you one of our treasures: Cuore di Noce.
    This delicious walnut liqueur is made with care and passion by our company in Losone, using only the best ingredients. The shells of the green walnuts, for example, are selected with the utmost care and soaked for a long time in grappa to obtain an intense and enveloping flavour.
    But it is not only the choice of ingredients that makes the difference: Cuore di Noce is also the result of a skilful blend of spices and aromas, carefully dosed to obtain a complex and perfectly balanced bouquet. The secret of our liqueur also lies in its maturation: Cuore di Noce matures for more than 12 months in oak barrels, where it acquires an incomparable softness and aromaticity.
    The result is a liqueur with strong, intense notes and a delicately spicy, nutty aroma that conquers the palate from the first sip. Served at a temperature of 18-20°C, Cuore di Noce is the perfect companion for your favourite desserts, but can also be enjoyed on its own, for a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation.
    Don't settle for just any liqueur: Choose our Cuore di Noce and let its unique and unmistakable taste convince you!

    It is an excellent digestive liqueur.

  •  Appearance amber, clear.

     Intense with a clear hint of walnuts, very fine, spicy.

     Soft, warm, pleasantly aromatic, spicy, with an excellent correspondence between smell and taste. Technical Sheet Download